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Disposal and cleaning of old items

When moving homes or companies (factories), it's inevitable that there will be many items that are no longer needed or have no value and need to be disposed of or cleaned up, as well as a lot of garbage that needs to be taken care of. Therefore, you need to figure out what you want to keep and what to throw away before you move.

Here, we recommend that you start sorting and categorizing the items you need and don't need as soon as you determine the move (company relocation). Preparing in advance can help you to promptly store useless items separately so that they do not take up the existing space.

There are several ways to recycle furniture and other old items:

 • We provide recycling services, but extra fees apply. Customers need to provide pictures of the items to be recycled so that we can provide a quote, or have our on-site moving workers provide a quote. We will help you move these items away.

 • If these items are in good condition, you can consider donating them to nearby donation centers or giving them to those in need. We will transport the items to the designated location for you and charge by time, but please ensure that they accept donations.
• If you have a lot of garbage, you can find a recycling center, and we will help customers transport the garbage and pay them the disposal fees they charge you. We will charge customers for transportation time.

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