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Team Up Movers understands moving to a new home or business may not always be a one-step process. Putting your things in storage may be a good idea if your new place is only temporary or if you need more time to decide what to move. We have a safe and easy storage facility, so you won't have to worry about cluttering your space with unopened boxes. Team Up Movers has secure, climate-controlled storage units equipped with security systems. Contact us today for more information and pricing!

Why would you need a storage unit?

  • Home Renovations – When your home is undergoing remodeling, your contractor probably requires all your furniture and belongings out of the way. You'll probably need a storage unit if you don't have any space in your garage or other rooms.

  • Emergency Storage – If something happened to your home, or you're being evicted under short notice, contact us for emergency storage solutions.

  • Downsizing Your Home – If you're moving to a smaller home or business but still need all your belongings, the best option may be to start donating or put them in storage if you know you'll want them later on.

  • Home Staging – If you stage homes and require a place to keep all the furniture, a storage facility would be a great and affordable idea!

  • In-Between Homes – If you're only moving to a home temporarily, it may a good idea to keep your things in storage until you're ready to move to a more permanent home. 

Team Up Movers - Storage Solutions