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Team Up Movers - Residential Moving Service


When you have chosen a good school district house for your children, or your family needs to move due to job changes or buying a new house, or for other reasons, you need to find a professional, safe, efficient, and considerate moving company that is licensed and insured to help you.

Team Up Movers can help you solve various problems related to moving so that you don't have to worry about it!

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Moving in an apartment with multiple floors can be very difficult. However, we can help you with that. Because our professional team is experienced, skilled, and meticulous. We can help you with:

 • Moving between detached houses and apartments.

 • Moving between detached houses.

 • Moving between apartments.  

 • Moving household items to a warehouse, or moving them back from a warehouse to your home. 


If your community management office requires us to provide insurance certificates, please let us know in advance. We will provide them on time according to the requirements.

If you need to move, just tell us the specific situation, and we will tailor a moving plan for you and help you complete the moving task easily. 


  • The date and time you expect to move

  • Your loading and unloading addresses

  • The scale of your move, such as the number of rooms, the number of large and valuable items, and photos of these items

  • Other information you would like to share with us, which will greatly help us make good moving arrangements for you.

  • Your contact phone number.

We will contact you, provide an estimate, and if a home visit or video chat is needed, we will inform you and provide you with a quote soon



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