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Team Up Movers - Residential Moving Service


Our long-distance moving services cover cities in California, Washington State, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas, among others. Over the past decade, we have helped many clients successfully complete their long-distance moves. 


As a landlord, preparing for a long-distance move involves much more than a local move, which can add stress to the move. We understand the difficulties that our clients face during the moving process, so we strive to provide the best possible service to our clients. The time for long-distance moving starts from the moment we begin to help you organize and pack your belongings until the end of delivery and moving.


Our long-distance moving fees are based on the agreement between both parties before the move, and there are no hidden fees. If additional fees are required, we will inform our clients in advance.

If you need long-distance moving services, please contact our customer service at 408-768-7076 or (510) 579-8782, or send us an email at, with the date and time you expect to move, the loading and unloading addresses, the number of rooms, your contact information, and some photos of items that need to be moved (this will be very helpful), as well as any other information you would like to share. We will contact you and arrange a home visit or video call to provide a quote for your long-distance move. Thank you!

We also offer return trip and carpooling services for long-distance moving, hoping to reduce the economic burden on our clients.

Friendly reminder: Due to the bumpy roads during long-distance moves, we remind you to pack your valuable electronic items such as televisions and computer monitors in specially designed boxes for safe transportation. If you do not have these boxes and do not want to purchase them from us, we suggest that you move these items yourself to ensure maximum protection. Please note that insurance only provides compensation for damage or loss at a rate of 0.60 USD per pound.


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