Team Up Movers - Reverse Logistics


Reverse logistics is what happens when a product or package gets sent back, either by the customer or distributor, for a variety of valid reasons such as improper labeling, damage, or inventory reduction. Whatever the case, Team Up Movers can do what is needed when this happens.

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Team Up Movers - FBA Inventory Removal

FBA Inventory Removal

Sometimes Amazon will require that inventory be removed because it isn't packaged to their standards, it isn't labelled correctly, it's been damaged, etc. Much like storing products, removing products from an Amazon warehouse comes at a cost, so you want someone who knows what they're doing to take care of it for you, you want Team Up Movers.

Team Up Movers - Customer Return

Customer Return

How a return is handled speaks volumes about the business itself. Providing great customer service will make the customer feel better about their decision to return the product, making them more likely to purchase something else.

Team Up Movers - Product Disposal & Destruction

Disposal & Destruction

Sometimes, when a product is returned, after further inspection, a product is deemed ineligible for resale. When this happens, it must be properly destroyed and disposed of in a way that is cost-efficient and protects the privacy of the business and customer. We will properly destroy and dispose of the product(s) and provide proof that the job was done correctly.